Why Imagery is Important

Imagery used in counseling/psychotherapy work at LifeBalance offers clients a chance to visualize goals, meanings, safe or calm places, ideals, and generally what is difficult to put into words for clients, some of whom have never experienced therapy before, and maybe intimidated by talking to a therapist.

Some examples include children and  adolescents who are resistant to coming to therapy, and for whom the idea of talking to some random adult about their issues “grosses them out”.  Taking the pressure off for these clients, yet allowing for the free exchange of ideas, communication, and utilizing their creative energy to express themselves with tools that may allow them to do so much better than with just words.

I also use imagery in preparation Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) with all ages.  This allows client to think of tools they can use while processing that can aid them tremendously as the process a trauma using EMDR.  Many will at first say they cannot think of what to depict, but will think about it over the period of a week or more and then be ready to depict their tools using various visual means at their disposal.

Many come in apologetic about their “lack” of art skills.  But in our work together it is not about being proficient in art making (although I can assist you in learning some art skills if you want to), but about expressing yourself in the fullest way possible.  Non verbal means of expression such as art therapy allow a client to express themselves fully, as well as regenerate creative juices that may have either been dormant or non-existent in their lives previously.

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