What is Counseling and DBT?

The work of a licensed professional counselor involves utilizing the process of counseling to promote healing, self-awareness, wholeness, increase coping skills, introduce and promote self-regulation and promote expression of feeling and emotion in a safe space. At LifeBalance, we are primarily interpersonally trained and based. that is, looking at your life and any complications, or problems that arose in your relationship to others. Having also undergone training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), use of the DBT skills to attain further mindfulness (awareness of and living in and accepting what is happening in the moment) are also utilized. DBT combines Mindfulness, mediation focusing and centering exercises, and behavioral techniques to aid and calm the mind, make good choices, and encourage self acceptance and realize healthy boundaries and accept others’ limitations, and that healing has to begin with oneself.

For DBT informed treatment,  which includes both an individual therapy and group therapy component, Rita can work in conjunction with skills group providers (which will provide the group component needed in true DBT treatment) and other behavioral health providers such as psychiatrists.  Rita can provide “DBT informed” individual psychotherapy without the group component, if the client has successful stability, is a graduate of a DBT program, is implementing the needed medical intervention and monitoring, and is practicing DBT in their daily lives successfully, post group and concurrent initial individual treatment found in a true DBT program.

For more information on counseling, please check out the website of the American Counseling Association . For information on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, please check out the page of Behavior Tech, LLC, the non-profit founded by DBT originator Dr. Marsha Linehan, based in Seattle, WA. here.    For the regulations which govern Licensed Professional Counselors in New Jersey, please look at the website of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Counselors Exam Committee.