Introductory Consultation, Important Questions, Forms for First Appointments, and Fee Details.


Introductory Consultation

Please feel free to call us at 862-210-9459 for a free introductory consultation on your issue that brings you into counseling at this time.  If I do not pick up, leave a message on our confidential voice mail.  We must have a phone consultation to determine whether or not our working together would be a good fit  for both of us, before we set up a possible appointment time.

Paperwork and pre-authorization calls:

On this “Important Forms for First Appointments” page we have a link for our introductory paperwork. It is to your and your counselors benefit that you download, print, fill out and bring these pages completed to your first appointment. If for some reason you cannot print out the forms, then you will need to arrive to the office 15-30 minutes before your appointment to fill them out completely. Parents who do not live together, or couples,  will need to fill out separate sets of the paperwork for each person.

I ask you to please be considerate of my time and come prepared to start working together.  These forms must be complete and handed in before our sessions can begin.  Click on the following link, download and print out our forms to be filled out for your first appointment here: LifeBalance Intake Paperwork ’17.

EMDR requires an informed consent to be initialed and signed by the client before EMDR treatment can begin.  You can find the informed consent form here: EMDR-INFORMED-CONSENT.

Healthcare professionals ask for paperwork for many reasons. Amongst them are to get to know you better before beginning treatment. To deduce what your needs may be or what modalities may be a better fit according to your situation. To get a complete medical history, which could impact treatment, including whether or not you or your child are on any medications. Also, to inform you of informed consent which includes the need to call outside intervention such as 911 or an emergency if you are a threat to yourself or others, and a form(s) to contact other healthcare professionals or educators you maybe working with to coordinate treatment to receive the best results. At LifeBalance there is also an art release so that your art can be documented by us further down the line in treatment (clients take their art home with them, I do not keep it).


Currently, we accept the following insurance plans:

    • Cigna
    • Aetna Healthcare
    • Compsych EAP
    • Amerihealth
    • MHN
    • MHNet
    • Horizon Managed Care (NJ DIrect) and Horizon HMO.
    • Horizon  EPO, and PPO (traditional plans).
    • Magellan Behavioral Health
    • TRICARE through Health Net (Tricare North), with referral from a general practitioner or other medical doctor.
    • Out of Network (we will provide you with a receipt after you pay the full fee so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company).
    • Please note:  We do not accept any form of Medicaid or Medicare, for children or adults, even if it is a plan under a traditional insurance company.  Some names on Medicaid plans may include the names of traditional insurance companies, and are a part of NJ Familycare/Medicaid, they include the following:  Horizon NJ Health, Amerigroup Real Solutions, United Healthcare Community Plan and Aetna Better Health.  If you have a plan with these names, then please call the number on the back of your card to find a provider who accepts your Medicaid plan.
  • Receipts are usually provided on a once a month basis unless the client requests them to be provided more frequently. LifeBalance also accepts major credit cards  for payment for the ease of clients.  There will be a 1.50 convenience charge added to the total for using credit cards, which is only a part of the 2.9% that the credit card processor charges.   A very limited sliding scale may also be available under certain conditions if a client does not have insurance.   Payment of either co-pay or full fee is due at the date of service.  If you plan to use insurance, please check your plan before calling to ask what your behavioral health coverage is, and how many appointments are covered.
  • Amongst the questions you should be asking are:
  • Do I have out of network behavioral health benefits? (If your insurance is not on our list).
  • What is my copay if I am in network?
  • Do I need referral from another physician?
  • Is there a limit to the number of my sessions?
  • Is there a deductible I must meet, and if so, how much will insurance pay out after it has been met?
  • If I am out of network, what address should I send my therapist’s receipts to be reimbursed by the insurance company?
  • Do separate companies handle physical and behavioral health care? (Sometimes clients only have one insurance card for their doctor visits, and behavioral health is outsourced by their main insurance company and handled by a different company totally, a client may only find this out after initiating searching for a therapist if they have not utilized behavioral health services before).

LifeBalance will also be happy to make this call for you if you provide your insurance ID number birthdate of yourself and the insured if applicable, address, and place of employment.

  • Also, please be aware: it is the client’s responsibility to inform LifeBalance of any changes or updates on their insurance coverage, such as loss of coverage, change of company and/or policy, or the start of a new deductible period (such as in the beginning of a new year) or the client meeting their deductible, at the earliest possible opportunity.  


Sessions range from $140.00 for the initial session to complete intake and gather information (can sometimes be an additional session depending on the case), $120.00 for a 60 minute individual session to $150.00 per hour for a family or couple session.  A group on site, not including reimbursement for art materials, is $150.00 per session,, or $200.00 with art materials included. Clinical supervision for professionals is provided at $75.00 per hour.  As stated above, there is a credit card processing charge of $1.50 per charge for any of these services.  A plan of supervision for recent graduates or other professionals working towards their NJ LPC license will need to be filed with the Counseling Board in Newark, with video tape or audio tape of sessions made possible with written permission by your work site.  Off site supervision for students during practica or internships is provided at $50.00 per hour.  With student supervisees, there must be on site visits to the internship/practica site allowed during our period of supervision so that the supervisee can be seen “in action”, along with the required paperwork from your graduate program completed with both the site and LifeBalance as an offsite supervisor.

Again, if you have any questions about our policies or the paperwork, whatsoever, give us a holler at 862-210-9459 or contact us here:




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